The Barrett Group, Inc.
Creating Winners Since 1981


38 years & counting!


Founded in 1981, we've been producing promotions that work for over 38 years!

The Barrett Group, Inc. is a Los Angeles, California based marketing and sales promotion agency specializing in the custom design of consumer and employee incentive programs.

The agency was founded in 1981 by Sandy Minc, who remains actively involved as The Barrett Group's owner and President. Sandy began her career in advertising working on the McDonald's account - back when an entire prize pool was just $5,000! She then parlayed her marketing and promotion experience from McDonald's into other fast food chains, oil companies, and supermarkets. The Barrett Group, Inc. was founded with a belief that if promotions could measurably increase sales in highly competitive retail environments, they could also be effective for other industries as well.

Over the years, through our core management team, The Barrett Group has developed national and regional promotions on many levels and in many industries.

We take pride in the fact that our promotions are custom designed for our clients - they don't come off a shelf with a logo change. They are strategically designed specifically to meet our clients' marketing needs. We specialize in customer retention and customer service programs, new product launches, programs to generate sales, referrals and/or new accounts and programs to motivate and train employees.

Our promotions are designed to be fun - and they work! We produce prize based contests, sweepstakes and games as well as premium and continuity programs in many types of arenas.